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Tooling & Support

E3 Design has a long experience of designing products that are to be produced in high volume. Efficient material usage is critical for a cost effective manufacturing solution and our experience allows us to design products to optimise strength with minimun wall section. Consideration of cavitation in tooling, and how the product will be moulded and ejected are critical in the production process.


We have significant in-house tool making experience with our Technical Director having started his career by completing a toolmaking apprenticeship and going on to become the Technical Director of a well-known Rapid Tooling and Manufacturing company.



We often provide tooling consultancy and advice to our clients outside the actual design projects we are working on.


Our approach to product aesthetics and economic material usage, combined with hands-on manufacturing experience and ergonomic design, has led to us working with some of the biggest companies in the world. Around 95% of everything E3d designs actually ends up in manufacture.









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