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We use our supply chain of companies in the UK, Europe and the Far East to supply all levels of prototyping from a simple machined part to a full-scale appearance model.  Working with our suppliers we aim to give our clients the best value prototype that is suitable for that stage of development.  This can range from a test rig made of wood and off the shelf parts to a fully function prototype complete with prototype PCB’s and off tool parts as required. You honestly won’t believe some of the things we have prototyped!






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We always encourage our clients to manufacture a prototype of their product. The level and detail required in prototyping can vary greatly, but we believe it is essential to have a physical artefact for evaluation and approval at the critical stages of a project.


We utilise our in-house 3D printing capability and outsource SLA(stereolithography) SLS (selective laser sintering) VAC casting and 3D machining in both plastics and metals.






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